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Individual who has completed assessment requirements for a certain position and is eligible for the next step of recruitment in a particular company.

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If you are an experienced professional with supervisory authority responsibilities, you may be qualified for Executive Jobs.

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Job Details are the full information the recruiter provide to describe the job. Job Details usually consist of the hiring company`s name, job descriptions, responsibilities, location of workplace, salary range, etc.

Job Posting
A type of document used for advertising a vacant position and recruiting candidates for certain job duties and qualifications.

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If you are thinking of a new career path or just entering the workforce and you are looking for vacancies, then you are currently on a job search. This is how you find results matching the criteria you put in our search fields.

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An individual who has an interest in searching for employment by completing a preliminary profile or by submitting an application to an employer.

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Mail Out CV is when you are sending CVs through to hiring companies from off-site sources.

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Want to find out what other job positions a particular company is hiring? More Jobs by the Recruiter is where you should find out.

This is your online description of yourself. Your Cover Letter and CV will be stored here along with your other details. You will be able to manage your profile to suit your preferences.

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This is your winning tool. Communicate to headhunters and hiring companies about your background and talents through your CV.

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We will create a list of certain jobs that may interest you and keep track of the jobs you have applied for.

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Timeline made by the employer/ recruiter to arrange interviews with candidates.

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Exhaustive searching and networking methods used by employers/ recruiters to find (source) and attract relevant talents for certain vacant positions.